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Im Rahmen der letzten Unterrichtseinheit vor dem mündlichen Abitur tauchten die Schüler des Englischkurses E8 (Bastian Witt) ein in die Welt William Shakespeares. Sie bekamen einen Einblick in Shakespeares Zeit, seine Sprache, sein Leben, eines seiner bekanntesten Stücke (Romeo & Juliet) und einige seiner Sonette.
Inspiriert und motiviert machten sich die Schüler am Ende der Unterrichtseinheit dann an die Arbeit, selbst einmal an Shakespeares Stelle zu treten und ein eigenes Sonett zu verfassen, manche sogar in „Shakespearean English“. 
Im Folgenden sind einige Sonette der „young poets“ zu lesen.

Own Sonnet


The biggest feeling in the world is great,
With so many facets thee couldn‘t really define
And I promise thee it is not hate,
and no one could ever say “it’s mine”,
It’s a feeling between two human beings,
it makes a man and a woman belong together,
no matter  if one of them is fleeing,
and it is everywhere at every time or weather,
People often don’t realize how beautiful it is,
to be together with someone they have fallen in love with,
thee found out about my quiz?
the feeling is love I talk about herewith,
Love is the biggest feeling on earth,
and everyone has been  loved ever since his birth.
Shakespeare in Red


Shall I compare thee to a singing bird?
Sitting on an apple tree,
You are my animal preferred
and free I feel myself with thee.
Sitting on the tree together
looking into your eyes,
our love will last forever
even if one dies.
When you‘re singing,
oh dear love,
my ears keep ringing
and I feel high above.
And my whole life I will believe
we‘re like two parrots that never leave.
Safib et alla Lux



Shall I compare thee to a flower?
So beautiful and so amazing,
Thou always smilest and never dost glower.
Or to the sun, which is rising?
My love to thee, it never dies
My love to thee crosses borders,
I love thy hair, thy lips, thy eyes
There are no rules, there are no borders.
The sun goes down, but thou dost still shine
God gives grace and God gives glory.
I am thy and thou art mine,
Our love is a never ending story.
It doesn´t matter what kind of weather,
Thou and I belong together.
Claire & Paulina