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Im Rahmen des Schwerpunktthemas “Ambiguity of belonging“ beschäftigte sich der Basiskurs Englisch e2 der Jahrgangsstufe J1 intensiv mit der multikulturellen Gesellschaft Großbritanniens, insbesondere warf man jedoch auch einen Blick auf die gleichaltrigen Jugendlichen und die schulischen Umfelder, in denen diese aufwachsen und lernen. Da der Aspekt der „interkulturellen kommunikativen Kompetenz“ auch in unserem Bildungsplan eine große Rolle spielt, fragten sich die Schülerinnen und Schüler, wie dieser am MGB umgesetzt wird und kamen zu folgendem Schluss:

“In our globalized world, learning about other cultures is getting more and more important. At MGB, students have the opportunity to gain various insights into international traditions, customs and cultures, which are taught in different language classes like French, English, Italian and Russian. Moreover, students also learn something about multiculturalism in other subjects, for instance History, Politics or Geography. Did you know that Religious Education is a meaningful aspect in our school too? In this subject (as well as in Ethics classes) we learn about the world religions and faiths. Not only at school, but also outside other cultures are brought closer to us students; by this we mean our students exchanges for example to Bellegarde, Crema, St. Petersburg and Warsaw. During school exchanges people get a first-hand experience of other cultures and countries. Furthermore many students have got a multicultural background and therefore bring THEIR cultures to our school. We also have actions and projects like multicultural breakfast, where we experience the wide range of international food. In addition to that our so-called “Chameleon AG” sells fair trade products to support the Indian “Adivasi Tea Project”. On the whole we are proud to be a multicultural school, with an open-minded community!”